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Bulit as the Armour smokehouse in 1906 this legendary Jackspn landmark is a true icon of Mississippi's rich heritage

The old Iron Horse Grill burned down mysteriously twice

The old Iron House Grill Burned down mysteriously, twice

15 years later

We're bringing it back up form the ashes like never before

Welcome to Jackson Mississippi

Iron Horse

An eartly term for a steam locomotive

At the famous crossroads 61 & 49

Robert Johnson according to legend magically gained mastery of the blues

The Mississippi music experience starts right here in the iron horse

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Birthplace of america's music

The father of country Jimmie Rodgers

The father of rock Elvis Presley

The father of blues Robert Johnson

Were all born in Mississippi, the Iron Horse is home to the Mississippi music experience

The smell of charcoal greets you the music carries you inside

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Open kitchen & live music it's the Mississippi way of living

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